Pinnacle Desert

Nambung National Park is home to the Pinnacles Desert, a series of eerie limestone formations sporadically scattered over vast yellow, rippled sand dunes. Just 245km or three hours drive from the center of Perth city, the Pinnacles make for a comfortable day trip where visitors can walk amongst these spooky stones and visit the nearby fishing village of Cervantes.

Practically unknown to the wider public until the late 1960s, the Pinnacles Desert is part of the Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles Desert was added to the existing National Park that was named after the winding Nambung River. Nambung means crooked in the local Aboriginal tribal language. It is a park with a 26km stretch of sparkling coastline bordered by rolling ancient sand dunes that extend inland into banksias woodlands. Pretty red river gum trees line the banks of the Nambung River until it disappears into limestone caves. Massive sand dune fields characterise the area near the coast where the Pinnacles Desert lies